The quality and performance of our merino is grounded in the preparation (video), LaserScan (video) testing and classing of every fleece. Only the whitest, high tensile strength (video), saxony merino is used.

Gostwyck has created 3 types of merino qualities from the best merino we produce – Superfine, Ultrafine and Ultimate. Each category is distinguished by its micron range, ensuring consistent quality in the yarns produced from our merino.

Superfine 15.6μ – 17.3

bubble-skin-comfortTo ensure next to skin comfort, Gostwyck Merino does not include fleeces over 17.3 micron. We have discovered that the number of harsh fibres increase exponentially when 18 micron and above is used.

The average micron of Gostwyck superfine is between 15.8 and 16.2 micron, depending on the season. This is finer than the average cashmere. Our Superfine merino represents approximately 85% of the specially selected fleeces from our production.

Ultrafine 14.6μ – 15.5

With an average micron of 14.9 to 15.1, Gostwyck Ultrafine is as fine as the finest cashmere. The softness and luxury feeling surpasses all expectation. Being machine washable, it is unique for this quality of fibre. Gostwyck Ultrafine was tested by scientists at the Sheep CRC, and proved to be in the highest range Next To Skin (NTS) natural fibre comfort tested to date, making it one of the most comfortable garments available today. Ultrafine is approximately 10% of the specially selected Gostwyck Merino production.

Ultimate 14.5μ and finer

Gostwyck Ultimate accounts for less than 5% of the specially selected Gostwyck Merino and about 0.001% of the worlds total apparel fibre. This makes Gostwyck Ultimate an incredibly rare fibre. Paddock grown using the finest merino bloodlines, this yarn is specially processed to ensure absolute integrity of garment design and longevity. Gostwyck Ultimate is intended for the finest of garments, to suit those who are only satisfied with the best of everything.


Total Merino Comfort

Next-to-skin comfort and itch free
To ensure that all garments made from Gostwyck Merino are itch free, only fleece of 17.3 micron and finer are included in the production of Gostwyck yarns.

LaserScan testing is a scientific and practical way to make sure that coarser wool is kept out and we can provide the wearer with certainty of the comfort and performance of their valuable garment. The comfort level is now able to be tested by the WoolComfort Meter – see below.

Wool Comfort Meter

Garments created using only Gostwyck Merino have been independently tested using the Wool ComfortMeter. This is a tool that allows retailers and manufacturers to market next-to-skin wool garments which are scientifically proven to offer a more comfortable wearer experience. Gostwyck Superfine merino has consistently tested at highest comfort level of “Luxurious Comfort” with our finer yarns testing off the scale.

Machine Washable

Ease of care for next-to-skin garments is essential. With bubble-machine-washablethat in mind, we’ve worked to ensure that all Gostwyck Merino is machine washable, making it a brilliant fibre choice for sportswear and active wear apparel.

Knitwear, be it light, next-to-skin garments or chunky sweaters; are also 100% machine washable at 30 degrees centigrade.