Gostwyck sheep are Happy Sheep because they are provided with all the nutrition they require and have access to clean water a short walk away. Every effort is made to maximise welfare and health and to minimise animal stress.

All of this requires a great deal of diligent management, frequent monitoring and investment.  There are also benefits for us the producer, when health and welfare management, as well as grazing management are performed with the sheep and the environment at front mind.

Mules free guaranteed

All Gostwyck Merino is 100% mules free.bubble-mules-free

Gostwyck stopped mulesing in 2005.

There are now no mulesed sheep at Gostwyck.

The grazing methods employed as part of our advanced grazing systems have successfully helped us to control ‘fly strike’, one of the most harmful and common health issues faced by sheep. As all sheep are monitored at least twice a week we can identify any isolated cases and treat them quickly and painlessly.